Assessment centers: Cognitive and behavioral assessments
This division designs cognitive potential assessments for companies or specialized agencies.

The offer for high potential assessment and identification programs for manpower planning increases every day and the assessment sector thus becomes a fast-growing market.

SBT's subsidiary ARNAVA, which was acquired in 2006 in order to reinforce the group's position on the Human Resources market, is now mainly in charge of this division.

As an assessment specialist, especially for major companies, ARNAVA offers skills and potential assessment programs for executives and managers.

ARNAVA uses a set of tools, mainly for role playing, so as to come close to the "behavioral reality" of a person: role
playing allows to assess the candidate's performances.
Arnava performs at least 3 simulation exercises for a recruitment procedure, and 6 to 12 for a comparative assessment or personal development.

Cognitive potential test modules designed and developed by SBT are part of the assessment. They are also available on the PEPCo assessment platform (Assessment Programs for the Cognitive Potential).


Assessments represent devices to evaluate individuals. They comprise behavioral and cognitive assessment tools as well as simulation exercises.

Simulation exercises are types of "life shortcuts" that generate observable behaviors. Content and number always are always adapted to assessment targets and allow to fully demonstate the participants' skills.
ARNAVA is also convinced of the key role played by assessors in behavioral assessments. There are numerous methodological consequences in order to overcome the subjectivity that necessarily emerges when a person looks at a another.
How reliable an assessment is depends on the quality and number of observers, on the rigor of the observation process as well as on the number of simulation exercises.
The purpose of an assessment is to understand how people react when facing this or that situation without trying to unsettle them.
ARNAVA's assessments offer a double approach: behavioral performance and behavioral mechanisms/cognitive potential.
This double approach can be completed by analyzing the professional dynamics and/or the acquired knowledge and know-hows for a more global understanding of the person and in order to be able to make suggestions for their personal development.
The result of the assessment session is detailed individual relations that include a recommendation and an in-depth analysis of the assessment results. Depending on customer requests, a development or orientation plan can be included in the report.

As well as assessments through simulation exercises ARNAVA also uses the Pepco®  tests ("Programmes d'Evaluation du Potentiel Cognitif", Assessment programs for the Cognitive Potential) developed by SBT.
PEPCo was developed to select, recruit and accompany candidates with various profiles.
The PEPCo measurements are based on the analysis of response time and quality of answers given on the occasion of closely supervised exercises. They are completely objective and non-declarative. In addition to an interview and/or behavioral tests they represent an added value in terms of quality for the assessor and make his decisions more reliable.

The principle of a simulation exercise is to create "life shortcuts" that generate observable behaviors which represent  behavioral skills of a person in a similar position.
It is also essential to take into account possible changes in behavior depending on the nature of activities and on the context in which they were caused: The various scenarios will be chosen depending on imagined professional evolutions.



Our approach


In order to achieve the most accurate and most objective behavioral skills assessment it is necessary to vary the observation angle, give similar problems to those possibly arising in future job-related situations, and to choose exercises that allow to assess as many criteria as possible.
The final choice of simulation exercises (individual, face-to-face or in groups) depends on the customer's requests.
Despite its large catalog of adaptable exercises and tools to varify the the presumed effectivity of a simulation exercise compared to the desired observation objectives, if necessary ARNAVA can also adapt or construct exercises so as to meet specific needs.

International partnerships allow to apply our know-how abroad (i.e. relocated subsidiaries of major groups).