International business

North America

Since 2003 SBT products have encountered a great success all over the U.S.A.. The company is already widely represented on the American market, including prestigious customers on the mature market such as AARP, Discovery Health, Prevention, ThirdAge...


Today, HAPPYneuron consumer products (Internet and CD-Rom) and SBT's software offer for healthcare professionals ( are distributed by HAPPYneuron Inc. (, its U.S. subsidiary which is located in California and was founded in June 2007 after the acquisition of SBT’s former distributor, Quixit Inc..




HAPPYneuron online cognitive training is available for French speaking internet users at and for German speaking users at


CD-Rom consumer products are distributed:

  • in France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland by the company Emme/Avanquest,


SBT online consumer products are distributed in:


Other parts of the world:


In Canada the company Distribusoft commercializes the Max & Claire CD-Rom offer.

In Australia SBT has signed a partnership with TheBrainDepartment to provide training services dedicated to companies.

The companies Avanquest and AOS distribute a complete CD-Rom range in Japan. An online cognitive training service is also available (

This offer is also availble in Korea: and in Brazil: